Our Story

The warmth of the sun. The rolling slope of a hillside. A refreshing rain shower. Time tested vines, bulging clusters of succulent grapes -- all gathered and crafted in the gentle hands of a skilled winemaker. Many notes come together to create the symphony of a vintage wine. Similarly, stretching over three centuries, many dedicated hearts and sharp minds have shaped and nurtured the Ohio Wine Industry we know and embrace today.

Wine people appear in all shapes and sizes, from all walks of life, with a variety of motivations. Some appear, make an imprint and leave us. Others are lifers.

All who touch this industry and its people contribute in some great or subtle way to the harmony of our lives and livelihood.

It is with this understanding, that the board of directors of the Ohio Wine Producers Association have established the Ohio Wine Hall of Fame.

Our purpose is to recognize the outstanding contributions of individuals to the wine industry in Ohio, to gain recognition for the excellence in our industry and to encourage future leaders.

Ohio Wine Hall of Fame Inductees