Michael A. Ellis


Great wines are borne in the vineyard. So growing great grapes in those vineyards requires attention to a myriad of details. Guiding the Ohio grape and wine community to produce the best grapes possible has been Michael A. Ellis, long time professor of fruit pathology at the Ohio State University. His influence can be seen in thousands of thriving vineyards from the Ohio River to the shores of Lake Erie. He was inducted into the Ohio Wine Hall of Fame in February 2009. Specifically, he was recognized for his research and extension work in grapes. However his enthusiasm, energy, can-do attitude, clear presentations and willingness to be ever helpful made it easy for well established growers and those just starting out to adopt his recommendations.

Michael was born in Seattle, but because of his father's carrier in the navy moved frequently as a child. He received his BS in Education and a MS in Botany from Eastern Illinois University. He received his PhD in plant pathology from the University. Before coming to OSU in 1979, he taught at the University of Puerto Rico.

In addition to his enthusiasm for his profession, Michael is an avid historical re-enactor and devoted family man.

The Ohio Wine Industry is honored to welcome Michael A. Ellis into the Ohio Wine Hall of Fame.

Ashlee Hayes