Lee Klingshirn


Lee Klingshirn grew up as a part of the family winery which had been established by his grandfather 2 generations prior.

After attending Ohio State, also holding just one of a handful of Ohio’s winemakers with professional credentials in winemaking, he came home to work with his mother and father and brought new energy, innovative ideas and a generational commitment to continue the legacy started years before he was born.

Lee's commitment shown to the industry is mostly unmatched in recent decades.  He has served on the Ohio Grape Industries Committee, as a member and president of the Ohio Wine Producers and in the same role with the Ohio Wine Growers lobbying group.

His legislative skills have allowed several difficult issues to be resolved to the great benefit of all of Ohio’s wineries.

He  carries on the tradition of his father, Allan who has also been recognized as a Hall of Fame member.

Within his community, he has given much back and continues to be especially supportive of the Boy Scouts for many years.

He has remained true to the commitment and vision of the winery he worked with his parents – and is a devoted and supportive husband to his amazing wife and a great and proud dad to three bright and talented children.

Ashlee Hayes