Mark Fisher

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Mark Fisher, a graduate of the Ohio State University and lifelong resident of the Dayton area,  has been writing professionally since the late 1980's.  He is currently the food and restaurant reporter for the Dayton Daily News and the Cox News organization in Southwest Ohio. As a freelance writer, he has contributed to the Wine Spectator, the Wine Enthusiast, Ohio Magazine and 'Sip,' the state wide wine magazine.

 All who read his work know that he is a gifted story teller and 'wordsmith' and is widely respected by the journalists who share his craft. 

Mark is regularly invited to judge in prestigious wine awards programs in Ohio as well as in and national and international competitions held across America. 

 In 2005 he was the first newspaper wine writer in the country to launch a wine blog.

 He is a frequent visitor to wineries across the state, tasting their wines, offering suggestions and providing insights that are most valuable to our vintners.

 Mark has always been a supportive and enthusiastic cheerleader for Ohio wines specifically and for wines from all regions generally.  He has often shared that "Ohio Wines are quietly opening eyes -- and minds."

 We are honored to recognize him with a Hall of Fame award.


Ashlee Hayes