David Scurlock


David Scurlock's work over the past decades has been critical to the growth in the Ohio Grape and Wine community. Ohio growers are fortunate to have Dave as their viticultural extension leader.

David is always willing to take the necessary time to solve grower problems. His smiling personality allows him an outstanding relationship with vineyard managers and workers when they need best advice and good judgment.

He has established and maintains an incredible program at OSU/OARDC, including implementing dozens of informative workshops, vineyard demonstrations, internet newsletters and literally hundreds of site visits to every corner of the Buckeye State.

He has served since mid nineties on the committee which annually plans the critically important Grape Wine Short Course which has morphed into the annual Ohio Wine Conference. Overall, Dave has created an outstanding list of activities to benefit all of Ohio's growers.

Much of the growth in and success of grape growing in Ohio is directly related to the decades of Dave's enthusiasm, commitment and dedication. He is a most worthy inductee into the Ohio Wine Hall of Fame.

Ashlee Hayes