James F. Gallander


You might Say, Dr. Jim Gallander is to winemakers what SO2 is to winemaking! Over the years, he has kept us fresh and allowed us not to become oxidized!

James F. Gallander was born in Peoria, illinois in 1937. He earned his Bachelor's Degree and Ph.D. from The Ohio State University in 1960 and '64 in food technology. In 1970, he was assigned resident duty at the University of California at Davis where he worked in enology.

He began as an instructor at the OSU's Ohio Agricultural Research and Development Center at Wooster while he was finishing his doctorate degree in 1963. Throughout the years, he was consistently promoted first to assistant, then associate and finally to full professorship in 1972.

His contributions to the Ohio wine indsutry can be measured at least in part, by the hundreds of food science and enolgy research studies and resulting published articles and presentations he has given in his career. His industry-shaping research placed him behind podiums at wine meetings across the country, sharing not only his research, but the message that Ohio wine industry is a progressive and aggressive competitor.

He has served as an advisor to the Ohio Wine Producers Association and organized the Ohio wine competitions and guided the Short Course for dozens of years.

Even with these academic accolades, perhaps his greatest contribution to us has been the time he has spent with the individuals in this industry and the many who have gone before. Patiently and painstakingly, explaining again and again the fundamentals of winemaking to many a fledgling enologist. His ability to teach us, his attention to detail and his committment to quality has lengthened the list of all of our award-winning wines and encouraged new winemakers to aspire to high standards.

It is with great pride that the Ohio wine industry welcomes Dr. James F. Gallander into the ranks of the Ohio Wine Hall of Fame.

Ashlee Hayes