Kenneth Joe Schuchter

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Kenneth Joseph Schuchter follows his father Ken Schuchter into the Ohio Wine Hall of Fame. 'Kenny Joe' was involved as a child in the initial plantings of our vineyards that helped Valley Vineyards establish on June 6, 1970. 

Throughout his life, from learning care for the vineyards, to running the winery  and working alongside industry members to help others establish their wineries, he has come to be regarded as an anchor for the entire state grape and wine community. 

He was the driving force for Valley Vineyards plantings of vinifera in the late 1980’s, alongside his winemaker Greg Pollman.  Together, they have worked hard and received dozens of state, national, and international awards for their wines.

He has served with distinction on the board of the Ohio Wine Producers and on the Ohio Grape Industries Committee.

 Ken has always been a kind hearted loving man towards his community,  always offering to help those in need (usually quietly in the background) and offering jobs to those needing assistance in the Morrow, Ohio area.  An avid dog lover, Ken has helped the Warren County Humane Society throughout the years with fundraising events, and to raise awareness of their work.

Ashlee Hayes