Community Papers - An Asset to Consider

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Big city and national newspapers are essential to a democracy...but when it comes to advertising, they often are very expensive for small businesses and their reach often goes beyond our target audiences.

The very sad announcement of the closing of the Youngstown Vindicator prompted me to think about the role of print in our world ... and then a visit from a local weekly community paper's saleswoman crystallized some ideas.

Why, in our home, do we ALWAYS read, almost front to back, the local community paper that arrives in the mail on Wednesday?

Because they publish the grand kids' honor roll names, the scores of the neighbor's little league team, the hometown students who graduated from colleges near and far. And they surely cover our wine festivals and jazz concerts too. You get it.

Those of us who have small businesses which rely on traffic from a 50-75 or so mile radius, might seek out these papers within the draw area and consider advertising. When we advertise, they very, very frequently provide editorial coverage to boot.

I know the millennials are notorious for not reading much print, but when their childrens' pictures from the school play are in those papers, they find a copy or two so as to clip out the articles to tape on the refrigerator or share with family and friends. THEN they generally subscribe to make sure they do not miss out on future coverage of their kids' successes.

The chances are pretty good that they will read the editorial and likely see the display ads too.

It is good to have them around and our ad dollars help. Just a thought.....

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