Interns - Using Their Talents for the Benefit of All

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 There is a great article on managing Interns in the current issue of AdAge.... Here are some of the concepts they shared along with some observations from our office, which over the years, has hired over 100 talented young people most of whom spend a year or two with us before they spread their wings:

1.   Day one: Share your business story and be sure to include the passion you feel for what you do.

2.  Be clear about what you expect in terms of time commitment, work ethic, pay scale. If a career option is NOT to be available, do not create unfulfilled expectations.

3.  Offer REAL PROJECTS, not just busy work. Encourage them to collect a portfolio of their work which they may carry to future job interviews.

4.  Mentor, Mentor, Mentor: explain the for profit world if that is your business; ditto for the not for profit world if that is applicable. Sometimes college professors can be a little to idealistic. They need to understand the 'real world.'

5.   Open doors where you can. For the really, good ones, work hard to help them move on to great things.

6.  If you have an especially great one, try to find a place in your business to keep him or her [Be creative: find something that they can do that both benefits your business and helps support the salary they need.]

If things go as planned, these young people will become your greatest ambassadors......So you will be doing good to do good for your bottom line.

And finally....

Successful people in whatever business they manage are, as best they can, obligated to provide this world with great workers who can make our society better. It is our duty to the next generation of business owners.

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