Consider Affinity Groups

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Each of us has a core group of enthusiasts and supporters...but statistically we will lose 10% of them this year: they move away, develop different interests, die [ugh] or get angry because of real or perceived bad customer service [another ugh].

We must reach out or will go out of business. Grow your base by reaching out and thinking beyond the wine crowd.

Consider affinity groups [thank you Mark Penn author of Microtrends,] and build out on their passion. Tap friends of friends and anywhere else where synergy could exist.

However, remember, to be successful, there must be something in it for THEM...put yourself in their shoes and try to identify what will be appealing.

Imagine how you might work with:

·     Yoga instructors

·     Museum directors

·     Church groups

·     Civic and service clubs

·     Athletic clubs and school teams

·     Doctor/dentist office employees

·     Teachers groups

·     Art galleries/shops

·     Livery/transportation companies

·     Boaters clubs

·     Condo associations

·     Senior centers

·     CVB's

·     Restaurants, lodgers

·     Groups in which your best customers are active


Create activities, make them fun and interesting. Let them spread the word about your wines and build an ever growing consumer base.

Microtrends, one of my favorite all time marketing books, has lots more ideas to identify a wide range of affinity groups.

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