Ugly Bunny Winery

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16104 SR 39
Loudonville, OH 44842

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Canal Country Wine Trail

Holmes County


We are often asked “How did  you come up with the name?”.  Ugly Bunny is our actual pet rabbit.  He is a 5 year old,  Lionhead rabbit that we acquired from my sister one day while hanging out on her patio.

She had just had a litter and most of them were spoken for, except for this little scraggly, runt of the litter.  We already had 3 dogs, a cat, a ball python, a painted turtle, and a bearded dragon so we were not really looking for another pet, but she brought him out and set him on my lap anyway.   Needless to say, we brought him home.

A couple years later, our Loudonville properly came up for sale.  We had picked grapes here before, so we knew the owners. Fabulous people!  We packed up our house in Wooster and headed south.  Once we got moved in,  we were on our way with lots to do.  Buildings to remodel, grapes to take care of, and lots of paperwork to file.

One thing that was nagging us was…we still needed a name.  We opted for “Marsh Vineyards” for the vineyard end of things, but what to call the winery?  There were some ideas like “Marsh Estates” and “Casa del Vino”, and some others that involved Mohican this or that but we needed something fun, so after a few glasses of wine, Ugly Bunny was born.

Wednesday Closed
Thursday 4-9PM
Friday 4-9PM
Saturday 1-9PM
Closed Monday & Tuesday


We love our bunny, you'll love our wine!