Micro Targeting Affinity Groups

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Affinity groups are categorized as clusters of people with like occupations, interests or passions. Tapping these groups and encouraging them to fall in love with wine can be a powerful marketing tool.  

Teachers might come on Fridays after school, nurses on Tuesdays which could be their day off, firefighters are often off in 48 hour increments.

Because Ohio law now allows an 'incent to purchase,' teachers are getting a piece of chocolate with a bottle of wine purchase or a stemless wineglass with 4 bottles to go. Check your state laws to make sure you are in compliance.

Think about nurses, secretaries, firemen, police, etc

Remember the federal and state labeling regulations, but this could be a back label, a sign in front of a display, a neck hanger, a Facebook post to drive traffic, and ad in a teachers' newsletter...

Get your creative juices flowing.

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Donniella Winchell, Executive Director of the Ohio Wine Producers Association...

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