Red Barn Cellars

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5099 Leslie Rd
Harpersfield, Ohio 44084

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Ashtabula County


Red Barn Cellars specializes in Fruit wines. It is the basis and our reason for existing. We came to be because of access to the Robinson or South River Orchard where we have close to 7,000 apple trees. We also try to keep our offerings more on the drier side of fruit wines. That being said, they do not have tannins, so there are those who don't feel that they are dry enough, but  they little to no added sugar. 

Thur 4-8 pm Fri 3-8 pm Sat 2-8 pm

Current Fruit offerings

The Hive- an off-dry 100% Honey Crisp Apple Wine

Just Apples- A blend of 5 midseason apple varieties, semi-sweet

Summertime - 100% Strawberry Wine, off-dry

Grandpa's Favorite Blueberry Wine- 100% Blueberry, we offer this in both a completely dry and a semi-sweet option

Exhibition- 100% Lemon Wine, this one is sweet and drinks like a fair lemonade

Potion #17- 100% Tart Cherry, off-dry

The Wild Bunch - Blueberry, Blackberry, Raspberry and Strawberry - our dessert wine, semi-sweet

Tapped Out- 100% Maple Wine made from homemade local Ohio maple syrup. Sweet and smooth, made like mead but with Maple Syrup

We also offer Hard Ciders all made from local Apples, we do not grow Granny Smith but those are from either Cold Springs or Kiraly's.

Friar Tuck's Finest- English Style, dry

Early Pickin's - A blend of early apples, semi-sweet

Strawberry Crisp- 100% Honey Crisp apples blended with pure Strawberry juice, sweet

Grandma's Cranberry Sauce- 100% Granny Smith Apples and pure Cranberry Juice, semi-sweet

Nak'ed Granny- 100% Granny Smith, semi-sweet

Auntie M's Spiced Cyser- A blend of Apples, Ohio Honey and fall spices- Off-dry

Pumpkin Patch- A blend of midseason Apples, Ohio Honey, Pure Pumpkin Puree and pie spices - semi-sweet

Perfection - 100% Bartlett Pears with spices, Sweet Tart